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Inclusive Access for Students

Welcome to a Brand New Experience in Course Materials

• Participating in this program allows you to have access to your course materials, from the first day of class, at the lowest price possible.
• You will not need to purchase your textbook separately from the CLC Bookstore.
• Some courses do require the purchase of supplemental materials (like lab books, goggles, or a graphing calculator.)
• Please use the Find your Textbooks widget on our home page for up-to-date pricing and course material information!

Inclusive Access Materials are Provided in One of These Formats

• An eBook of the required textbook
• Online Courseware (which would include digital homework and other interactive components)
• An eBook and Courseware

Access Instructions

After your instructor opens the course in CANVAS, follow the instructions to access your course materials listed there. You will have access to these materials immediately. Also check your CLC email account for your digital access welcome e-mail. It is your responsibility to check your emails. Please see your instructor with any questions regarding accessing your digital materials.

How to Access Your Course Material through Canvas Without Using a Code

How to Access Your Course Material through Canvas by Entering a Code


• When registering for this course, you were charged a discounted digital course fee to cover the cost of the required textbook.

• It is your responsibility to make payments by your scheduled payment due date.

Opting Out

• Your instructor has chosen the discounted digital materials for this course; if you decide you would like to find materials elsewhere, you can opt out.

It is strongly recommended that you obtain the required materials before opting out.

• If you choose to opt out, you will no longer have access to the discounted digital materials provided by the College of Lake County.

How to Opt Out

• You can opt-out by clicking the Redshelf menu to view your course material, then selecting “opt-out” before the deadlines listed below.

• The opt out deadline is:
Summer Semester: 1 week from the first day of class
Fall and Spring Semesters: 2 weeks from the first day of class

• After opting out, your student account will be refunded the digital course material fee within 14 days.

• There are NO EXCEPTIONS to refunds if you missed the opt-out deadline.

• Opting-out only refers to digital course materials; if you decide not to attend the class, it is your responsibly to drop the course to avoid financial liability to the college.

How to Opt-Out from Inclusive Access Course Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Inclusive Access?
Inclusive Access provides the same course materials to all students at the lowest price on the first day of class.

How do I pay for this program?
Your student account will be billed for the cost of the course materials at registration. Your payment plan covers the cost.

How much does it cost?
Inclusive Access fees are typically 40-80% lower than equivalent pricing for printed textbooks. Supplemental materials i.e. lab books, goggles, calculators, and kits will be available to purchase on the bookstore website for an additional cost.

How do I gain access?
You will be notified via email prior to the beginning of class with access instructions, and opt-out information. You can access the course materials through Canvas by the first day of class.

What does it mean to opt out?
If you chose to opt out you will lose access to your course materials that were provided at the lowest cost. You are still enrolled in the class but will need to purchase your materials elsewhere. The bookstore does not provide other course material options for this course.

How do I opt-out of the Inclusive Access Program?
The opt-out deadline for all Inclusive Access courses is the drop day as listed on your syllabus. If you wish to opt-out, log into your course on Canvas and choose that option.

When do I receive my opt out refund?
You will receive your refund within two weeks of opting out.

Can I change my mind after I have already opted out of the program?
Students may opt back in thru Canvas, before the stated drop date.

I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt-out?
Students who drop the course during the normal drop period will automatically be opted-out and will not be billed.

I already have a copy of the textbook. If I opt-out, can I opt-out of just the eBook but maintain access to the other online materials?
No. Choosing to opt-out of the material means you choose to opt-out of the eBooks as well as any other online component (adaptive learning software, e.g. - Connect, WebAssign, MyLab, Revel, MindTap, etc.) that is required for the course.

I did not opt-out, but I did not register my access code or use the online platform. Will I still be billed?
Yes. All students enrolled in an Inclusive Access course are automatically considered a part of the program and are billed at registration.

What is an Adaptive Learning or Interactive Courseware Platform?
Adaptive Learning and Interactive Courseware are much more than just eBooks. While platforms like Connect, WebAssign, MyLab, Revel, MindTap, and Mastering typically include a full digital textbook, they have added interactive content designed to make the reading more engaging, which increases comprehension and retention of the material and can ultimately lead to greater student success. They can include videos and interactive animations, adaptive quizzes, and homework sets which link directly to the related section of text when incorrect answers are given. They also allow for various levels of customization by the instructor, peer-to-peer sharing of notes, and the creation of digital flashcards you can use with smartphone apps.

I forgot to opt-out and missed the deadline. Can I still get a refund?
No. Refunds are not available after the opt-out date. The opt-out date follows the college withdrawal policy. There are no exceptions to refunds if you miss the opt-out deadline.

Can I purchase the printed version of the ebook?
You MUST be actively enrolled and opted in to an Inclusive Access course in order to purchase print materials. In some cases the printed materials are only available on the publisher’s website.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about accessing my materials?
Please contact our digital provider, RedShelf. Publisher information is included on the RedShelf website or you can follow the links below.
Pearson Publishing
McGraw-Hill Publishing
Cengage Learning

Contact Support

Contact us anytime with questions or concerns via email at: BKS.WEBSTORE@CLCILLINOIS.EDU You can also contact our customer service department at: 847-543-2086

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