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Due to increasing sales volume, web orders may not be ready for up to 48 business hours after being placed (orders placed on weekends will be filled on the next business day, usually Monday.)

Please double-check that you have selected the correct campus for in-store pickup!
Lakeshore and Southlake orders require an additional day for inter-campus delivery after you receive an "Order is Processed" email.



1. Select Term, Department, Course #, and Section # from the dropdown menus at the bottom of this page.

2. Click the "add course to list" button.

3. Repeat, adding your courses as necessary.

4. Click the "get your books" button.

Prices will be listed in bold black for all in-stock options:
Required or Optional, Used or New, Buy or Rent, Digital, and "Choose One."

5. How do I Know Which Textbook Option to Choose?

Choose One: your choices are different book formats. Please select only one according to the abbreviated descriptions below:
(AC) Access Code (No physical textbook, just a code printed on a card)
(BWC) Physical textbook with Access Code for online portal
(DC) (Listed after the Book Title) Digital Content - no physical textbook, but may include additional online features
(EB) E-Book (no physical textbook, just an electronic version)
(LL) Loose Leaf book (pages are not bound together)
(LLC) Loose Leaf book with access Code for online portal
(OER) Open Educational Resource (This can be downloaded for free through Canvas, or you can buy the low-cost printed copy listed here)
*If there is nothing in parenthesis before or after the title, it's just a traditional textbook!*

*Art Kits ( for ART 122, ART 124 and ART 224 classes) CANNOT be shipped by UPS because of paint contents. You must select In-Store Pickup for these kits.

In-Store Pickup is required for all orders using Financial Aid as payment.
The Bookstore's online ordering system now allows Financial Aid recipients to use 2 forms of payment whenever the Aid balance is insufficient for the order total.
Please call the Financial Aid office at 847-543-2062 or the Welcome/One Stop center at 847-543-2085 if you have any questions about your Aid balance or application status.
Standard Financial Aid Bookstore charges begin Fall/Spring (2) weeks before the first day of class, Summer (1) week before the first day of class.

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