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Digital Content (E-Books And Courseware)

The College of Lake County online bookstore offers (optional) digital versions of physical textbooks for a wide variety of courses. Choosing digital content saves money. There is nothing to pick up or have shipped. Access information is sent to the student’s email address.

Please Note:
When creating your account, be sure to enter an active CLC student email address ( and double check that it is typed correctly.
Order confirmations, online access instructions, temporary passwords and all other important order information will be sent to this address.

Website Definitions And Helpful Purchasing Info:

  • Digital textbooks are listed with (DC) after the title.
  • Binding: Digital Content.
  • Digital Rental means access to the online textbook, at the price shown, for one semester. Select courses may also offer 1- or 2-year digital rental options.
  • If you buy only digital content listed with (DC) then you don't have to come in for pickup or pay for delivery! Just check your email using the directions below.
  • Courseware is learning material that is much more than just an E-book. It includes homework, quizzes, study aides, and more! Many instructors use courseware in their classes to enhance learning experience.

There are 3 different ways you can locate your digital materials:

First Method:

Digital content can be accessed immediately after you place your order! After you are completely checked out, you will receive a Thank You notice with your order number. Below this, you will see a link that takes you directly to your digital materials.

Click To Redeem Materials

Second Method:

An email will also be sent to the email address that your account is setup with. You will receive 2 emails from College of Lake County Bookstore. One will include your order information and confirmation number, the other will include your digital access information.

If your email looks like this, you have purchased an E-book and should follow the directions below.

E-Book Email

For e-books you will access your materials straight from

The email address you placed your order with will automatically be set up on the Redshelf site. This should be your email.

Redshelf Home

Click "Log In" on the top right corner of the screen on

Redshelf Login

Either Log In to your Redshelf account if you already have one or click Forgot Password if this is your first time using the Redshelf site. Requesting a reset, will send you a link to the email you placed your order on with.

After logging in, you should see your e-book on My Shelf and you will be able to read your digital book straight from here.

Access E-Book

Depending on whether your digital materials are an e-book or courseware, your email will look different.

If your email looks like the one below, you are accessing courseware.

Courseware such as Cengage Unlimited, Mindtap, OWLv2, or WebAssign, Pearson MyLab, Mastering, or Revel, McGraw-Hill Connect or ALEKS, Macmillan Learning LaunchPad etc.; access will be through the publisher’s platform.

Courseware Email
  1. After clicking Redeem Your Books you will see the Redshelf Redemption Code for your digital courseware. Click the code to copy it your clipboard.
  2. See example below:

    Redshelf Redemption Code
  3. Navigate to
  4. Redeem Code
  5. Paste your redemption code into the Redeem Code box—this will take you to your My Shelf page where your courseware link will be.
  6. Myshelf Access Courseware
  7. Copy the given access code to your clip board and then click the Access Courseware button. This will bring you to the publisher’s website.
  8. Cengage Login

    If you already have an account set up with the publisher, log in. If not, you will need to create an account.

  9. After creating an account and logging in, you will be brought to the publisher's courseware platform to access the materials.
  10. Cengage Welcome
  11. You will then look for the "Enter Access Code / Course Key" link.
  12. Cengage Enter Code
  13. Paste the code from your clipboard in the box and click "Register."
  14. Registered Product
  15. You have successfully registered your prodcut and you now have access to it!
    After registering, you can access your materials straight from Canvas.

Third Method:

Missing or deleted email? You can still access your digital materials link through your account

  1. Navigate to and click "Sign In."
  2. CLC Bookstore Login
  3. After signing in you will see a page with a "My Account" icon and an "Order History" icon. Click on "Order History." This will bring you to all the orders you have placed on
  4. Order History
  5. Click on the order where you purchased your digital course materials.
  6. Order History
  7. This will bring you to your order details.
  8. Order Details
  9. Click "CLICK HERE to redeem your digital books."
  10. This will bring you access to your redemption code. Follow the instructions from Method #2 to move forward in accessing your e-book or courseware.
Redshelf Redemption Code

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