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Rental Info

What is available to rent?

We offer hundreds of titles, both new and used, for rent. Rental options are shown in the textbooks listed on our website.

What do you need to rent?

A credit/debit card (in student's name) or a Financial Aid account is required to secure rentals. Student ID number and current cell phone number must also be provided. If you do not return the book, it will be charged to the credit card or Financial Aid account used to secure the rental.

Rental Agreement Terms

  • Check books for any damage before signing the rental agreement. If the rental book is ordered online, book is checked by staff before being shipped.
  • Return on or before the due date for rental returns.
  • No water/liquid damage.
  • No writing and minimal highlighting.
  • Students will be charged the replacement cost of books returned that are damaged or past the rental return due date (also subject to late fees). A hold will be put on a student's account until charges are paid.

Rental Returns

All rented books should have a barcode rental sticker on the back that says 'DO NOT REMOVE'.

If your book DOES NOT have that rental sticker, click here to find out if your book is on our Buyback List.

If your book DOES have a rental sticker, follow the instructions below to return it:

Write your name, student ID number, and contact information on an index card or piece of paper. Place that in your rental and then give your book back according to any of the following options:

  • Return your book in person at any Lancerzone campus store during regular hours of operation.
  • Drop your book at the Library Drop Box at the GRAYSLAKE campus (located on Sun Pivot Circle at the main entrance by the bus stop).
  • Ship your book to: ATTN BOOKSTORE 19351 W Washington St. Grayslake IL. 60030 (student is responsible for shipping charges).

To view LancerZone campus location hours, please visit our About Us page.