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Central Stores


A centralized supply warehouse at your fingertips!

During the first week of Spring 2023(January 17th-20th) an additional waiting period of up to
7 days may be required for guaranteed delivery of out-of-stock and special-order items

All special orders for office supplies must be places by Friday, June 16th 2023 due to end of the year fiscal inventory. The last day to use funds from FY23 is Monday, June 26th 2023.

SharePoint users can view a list of FY 2022-2023 departmental supply budgets by clicking here or here. Available-balance lists will be updated monthly on the Bookstore's CLC Hub page

Are you responsible for your CLC Department's office supplies?

Order common workplace essentials through this website at your convenience.
Wherever you are and whatever time it may be, as long as you have a web browser you can re-up with us.

All items available through Central Stores are sold at cost. Prices may fluctuate as we always strive to bring you the best price.
The Bookstore does not profit from supply transactions.

Supply inventory is held at Grayslake. Orders can be picked up immediately after you receive a readiness notification, or delivered to any room specified in your Shipping preferences.
We can even send orders to Lakeshore or Southlake via the daily CLC Campus Services courier run.

You'll never need to write a purchase order to an external vendor for basic supplies again.
We'll keep track of your supply account balance! CLC's SharePoint users can view a list of FY 2023 departmental supply budgets by clicking here. Available-balance lists will be updated monthly on the Bookstore's CLC Hub page.

Approved CLC Supply Purchasers should register an account on this site using a valid e-mail address and creating a password. Use the standard College mailing address (19351 W Washington, Grayslake, 60030.) Add items to your cart and check out by selecting SPL from our Payment Method pull-down menu.
Then enter "541001" followed by your department number (2 to 5 digits only) to finish the transaction. We will verify your approved status before filling your order.

While sales tax is always visible on our payment screen, it is not applied to supply orders.
Our fulfillment process automatically removes tax from supply sales (just like it has done for hundreds of students' Financial Aid textbook purchases.)

We are also accepting donations of overstocked office supplies, spare desk accessories and extra filing fixtures your Department no longer needs. If you have items that can be reused by another area please email BKS.CENTRALSTORE@CLCILLINOIS.EDU or contact Sue Oelkers at x2724 to arrange a pickup!
Items can be viewed in room B011 during Grayslake LancerZone business hours, and are absolutely FREE to any CLC Department for appropriate College use.

This is a brand-new service at CLC and we are sincerely committed to making it work for your department.
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, to report any issues that affect your Central Stores experience, or to request that we add a new item to our Supply inventory!

Scroll down for our contact information and a contact form.


or use the following links to see an individual Departmental Supply list by category


Most of CLC's Central Store items are purchased through Staples.
If you would like us to add an item to Central Store inventory for recurring purchase or if you want to make a one-off buy with your account, please search
the Staples site HERE and include the Staples ITEM NUMBER with your request.
Staples item numbers are listed directly below the main product-name headline, and they are usually also present at the end of the product page's URL.

Contact Support

Contact us anytime with questions or concerns via email at: BKS.CentralStore@clcillinois.edu
You can also contact our customer service department at:

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Our support staff will respond within 24 hours.

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