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Inclusive Access For Faculty

Inclusive Access requisition DUE DATES:

Spring 2024: September 8th, 2023

Summer 2024: February 2nd, 2024

Fall 2024: February 2nd, 2024

  • CLICK HERE to view fees that are being charged as Digital Course Fees for the SPRING 2024 semester at registration for inclusive access courses.

Inclusive Access FAQ

The College of Lake County Bookstore is offering an Inclusive Access program to Faculty as a means to deliver the most up-to-date digital-format books and courseware to your students, at the lowest price we can arrange, with guaranteed delivery on or before the first day of your class. Inclusive Access gives students the ability to charge their course materials to the same account as their tuition during registration, and they can of course also opt out of the program.

What Does this mean for Faculty?

  • You will have academic freedom to choose the material that is right for your class.

  • Your students will all have access to the material on the first day of class.

  • The bookstore will negotiate pricing with publishers to ensure that it is the lowest available.

  • Faculty receives instructions to set up their course in Canvas to ensure access to digital materials.

  • The CLC bookstore communicates the program to enrolled students via in-store and online marketing.

  • As the program grows faculty and student feedback with learning outcomes will be available.

What Does this Mean for Students?

  • Equitable access: Every student has the same materials as chosen by teacher.

  • Day One Access: All students have access to course material on the first day of class.

  • Affordability: No searching for the lowest price.

  • Convenience: Provides for a ‘one stop shop’ and the use of the payment plan.

  • Achievement: Analytics show how students are engaging w/content, faculty make adjustments and communicate to students.

  • How to Start Utilizing Inclusive Access:

    Inclusive Access (IA) requires more time to implement than standard Course Materials Adoption, because the fees for these digital materials are negotiated for each course prior to being charged to your students' accounts at enrollment

    • If this is your first semester adopting IA, we advise starting in August for the upcoming Spring Term, or in January for Summer and Fall Terms.

    • Work with your publisher's rep to select an Inclusive Access title you wish to adopt.

    • Complete Section A on the Inclusive Access Requisition Form.

    • Scan and send your signed Inclusive Access Requisition form to the Textbook Buyer, Sue Oelkers (and copy the Assistant Director, Christine Klippert, CKlippert@clcillinois.edu)
    • ,
    • The bookstore will begin our part in the process, and we will contact you to ensure the correct material is adopted and to find out if your students will need additional non-digital items (such as lab books, lab kits, calculators, other peripherals, etc.)

    • Due to the fact that the student will have already been charged for their materials, an IA course section cannot be changed to a non-IA section if the original instructor is replaced. The Department Chair and/or Division Dean must acknowledge each course as Inclusive Access

    • Click here to learn how to add your Inclusive Access Course to Canvas.


    Faculty will receive initial training on the following:

    • How IA works, how students are charged, opting out and back in if desired, and when a refund can be expected.

    • How to set up your IA course in Canvas.

    • How to communicate all of this to student by using a template with information surrounding the reason why this low-cost option has been chosen so that access and learning can start on Day One.

    • How to set up the Redshelf tool and add a link to chapter or page in Canvas module (click here to view video).

    As CLC's Inclusive Access program develops and matures, further training will be done by your Department Chairs or their designees.
    The Bookstore will be available for instructors' questions concerning materials, but general questions about IA courses will be answered by the division or department chair.

    Communicating Inclusive Access to Our Students:

    From the College

    • At enrollment, students will see an attached note that they have chosen an IA course

    • Counseling and Advising will be instructed in how the IA program works, to wisely assist students during registration

    • Welcome and One Stop and Student Accounting will be available to help with billing questions

    • OSD can work alongside students with disabilities to guarantee that their IA platform is properly accessible

    From the Bookstore

    Once enrolled a message will be generated by the bookstore to include:

    • Welcome and explanation of the program benefits

    • Information concerning how they can use their payment plan

    • Information concerning Opt Out

    From the Faculty

    The week before class begins and LMS is set up, send an email to your students explaining that:

    • You chose to participate in the program to keep materials low-cost, equitable and immediately available

    • Your students will access digital course materials through links in their Canvas portals

    • How to opt out of the program if they choose to fend for themselves on the open textbook market

    • The last day to withdraw with a refund and no grade is also the Opt Out Deadline.

    When Considering Inclusive Access for Your Course:

    • Inclusive access content by nature is less expensive than the ever-escalating prices of printed textbooks. Because of lower overall logistical and production costs, savings are passed on directly to the student

    • Students should see immediate in-class benefits and more successful outcomes when they are guaranteed to have their materials

    • Is your course content compatible with digital materials?

    • Will you be using this content for multiple semesters? Summer and Fall are adopted at the same time, only changing in the Spring

    • Do you want a Printing option available for those opted in to IA, and can your publisher offer it?

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