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Frequently Asked Questions

Books and course materials are sold through Online Order Only

To View or Print your Bookstore Course Materials list:

  1. Log into myCLC

  2. Click Student Center (Left Pane)

  3. Click Manage Classes tile

  4. Select appropriate semester

  5. Click Bookstore Course Materials needed (Top center of page).

Your Bookstore Course Materials list will display: 

  • The Department names, Course numbers and Section numbers of all your classes

  • The titles of and Required / Optional / Choose One / Inclusive Access descriptions of the books (and any other materials) for each class.

Use the FIND YOUR BOOKS widget on this website’s home page to check pricing and rental availability.

  1. Use the FIND YOUR BOOKS widget on our home page or click Textbooks in the menu bar at left, then select Get Textbooks

  2. Choose the appropriate Term / Dept. / Course / Section from dropdown menus

  3. Click Add Course to list, then repeat with the dropdown menus until all your courses are added 

  4. Click Get Your Books

  5. Make your selections by clicking Purchase for each item you want to buy
    • When when you're done choosing books, click Checkout

  6. Create Account* if this will be your first clcbkst order, or Log In to choose Shipping and Pick Up options

  7. Enter your payment information, then click Submit Order

*Please use a frequently used email address and make sure it is entered correctly when creating your account.  Important information (including your confirmation number, order-ready pickup notification, digital-text access instructions, and other vital communications) is sent to this email address.

Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Financial Aid - Financial Aid can be used as payment for online purchases for a limited time each semester. Books, course materials, school supplies, Campus Connection bus passes, and more can be paid for with Financial Aid. Contact the Financial Aid office @ (847)543-2062 for any questions about your fund availability.

Third Party accounts (DCFS – Department of Children and Family Services, DORS – Dept. of Rehabilitative Services, IDE (WIOA) Illinois Dept. Of Employment, JTP – Job Training Program, and PIC – Private Industry Council.) Most accounts are limited to the purchase of required books and course materials only.

CLC Gift Cards

Split Payments combining the above options

  • The bookstore has hundreds of titles, both new and used, available to rent. Your particular books may or may not be eligible for rental.

  • Rental options and prices will be listed in bold black for books that can be rented.

  • The rental period is for one semester.

  • Available Text Options (New/Used, Rent/Buy) and their associated prices are listed in Bold Black. If a listing is gray and says N/A, the book is not in stock. Books come in regularly in the weeks near the start of the semester. Please continue checking this website, or call the bookstore to check availability at (847)543-2086.

  • Digital materials included with enrollment in Inclusive Access classes are not available for purchase and cannot be ordered through the online Bookstore. Supplemental materials (such as lab books, chemistry experiments, etc.) are available to buy here in our online Bookstore. Please click the Inclusive Access tab on this website for more information.

  • Zero Cost Materials are provided by your instructor via Power Point, websites, etc.

  • "Textbook Not Determined" means that the bookstore has not yet received any requisitions for a class.

In any case such as these, please ask your instructor for more information!


  • No abbreviation before title = Physical Textbook

  • (AC) = printed Access Card that includes a code to use when registering at your course's online portal

  • (BWC) = printed Book With online access Code

  • (DC) (after title) = Digital Content (accessed after purchase by following publisher's e-mailed instructions)

  • (EB) = Electronic Book or other non-print media

  • (LL) = Loose Leaf Book with unbound pages

  • (LLC) = Loose Leaf text with access Code

  • (OER) = Open Education Resource accessible for free through your Canvas student portal. A low-cost, printed copy is often available to purchase from the bookstore (listed separately, as Optional, when available).

Select just ONE of the 2 or more items marked "Choose One."

Your choices are different formats:  Book only, Book with included Online access, Online access code only, E-book only, or Digital Content.

The written material is the same; you just need to Choose your One preferred format.


Did you receive a confirmation email with an order number?  If yes, your order went through!  If no, try any of the following:

  • Double Check that all information was entered correctly / Shipping or Pick Up Option was chosen / Submit Order button was clicked 

  • Is the order being placed on a cell phone?  Log out & Log back in / Try using a different browser (Google Chrome or Firefox work best) OR Try ordering from a computer 

  • If ordering from a computer, Log out & Log back in OR Try using a different browser (Google Chrome or Firefox work best).

You should receive 2 order confirmation emails:

First email – We have received your order and issued to you an order number.

Second email – Your order has been processed at our Grayslake fulfillment department.

  • If you chose pickup at Grayslake, your order is ready.

  • Lakeshore and Southlake orders may not be ready for pickup until the following business day, because even though they have been filled they spend extra time in transit between campuses.
  • Order pick up at the Grayslake campus is in the LancerZone store (B131) on the main level.

  • Pick up at Lakeshore (Waukegan) is currently at 33 N Genesee St. inside the S3 door (Rear campus entrance across from the parking garage).

  • Orders may be picked up at the Southlake (Vernon Hills) campus inside the LancerZone store (V134).

Call (847)543-2086 for store hours, directions, and order readiness.

Please Note: orders paid with Financial Aid require a signature and must be picked up by the student named on the Financial Aid account.

  • Shipping for pickup at our Lakeshore (Waukegan) and Southlake (Vernon Hills) campuses is free, but usually takes one additional business day. These pickup orders utilize a CLC carrier and do not ship on weekends.

  • UPS Ground shipping = $14 / 2nd Day = $24. UPS Ground delivery time depends on the destination, but local orders typically arrive in 2-3 business days.

Contact Customer Support for your card's Publisher (Cengage / Pearson / McGraw-Hill).

  • Contact info is on the same cardstock packaging the access code is printed on.
  • For more details, click on Textbooks in this website's left-hand menu bar, then click Publisher Info. 

Digital books are provided 100% electronically through RedShelf.  There is nothing to ship or pick up!

  • Digital access instructions are sent in an email from RedShelf to the address used in your online order.

  • If you don’t see that email, check your Spam folder and double-check that the e-mail address listed on your order is the same address where you've been expecting the RedShelf email.

  • Contact Customer Support @ solve.redshelf.com for further Log-In and access help.

You can buy or reload VENTRA Bus Passes at the Grayslake LancerZone (room B131, first floor,) and at the Lakeshore Campus LancerZone in Waukegan.

The Southlake Campus LancerZone in Vernon Hills is not currently equipped to offer VENTRA bus passes.

Campus Connection Passes

The Campus Connection Pass includes unlimited rides for all routes on any day of the week for one whole semester.

Campus Connection Passes are available only to qualified students who provide proof of current-enrollment status.
Financial Aid may be used to purchase a Campus Connection pass.

7-Day and 30-Day Passes

Priced according to VENTRA guidelines

Activate a new VENTRA card

Pay per-ride by preloading a new card in any amount between $1 and $300

Reload your VENTRA card

Add more value to a current, non-expiring VENTRA card

Campus Connect, 7-Day Passes, 30-Day Passes, and Per-Ride Ventra Card loading CAN be purchased with financial aid/payment plan.